New Co-working Space Framework to Open in Pittsfield

[Codango: A brilliant business model! We found this of great appeal to those that can easily work remotely from a home office, for example, coders, graphics designers, social media gurus, etc. For some, this model may be a better choice… a hybrid of the work-from-home / remote employee option.]

Andy McKeever: There are a lot of people who work from home or are just starting up a small business that doesn’t yet need to open an office.

Framework will be opening on North Street at the end of the month and it hopes to bring those people together into a new, dynamic co-working space.

The new company has leased out two storefronts at 437 North St. and has built out all of the amenities of a traditional office but will operate on a membership-based model.

"It runs similar to a gym, on a membership model. Members will purchase a monthly membership and come and go as little or as much as they please and access all of the amenities of a traditional office space."…

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